Seeff is the First Fully Accredited Team for Dunkirk

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The Home Owners' Association of gated communities create and enforce rules, regulations, and codes with the aim of protecting their neighbourhood and the property values within them. In this regard many estates also insist that estate agents become "accredited" through an examination process to ensure that the successful agents work within the requirements of the estate and fully understand what they need to respect and adhere to.

Three agents from Seeff North Coast, namely Richard Anderson (Sales) Pen Herman (Sales) and Candice Elliott (Rentals) took part in the first official written accreditation examination for Dunkirk Estate. All three property professionals were successful and Seeff North Coast is extremely proud to say they have the first fully accredited Sales and Rental Team that can operate fully in Dunkirk Estate.

"We believe this currently sets us apart from others in the industry as Professional realtors for Dunkirk Estate " said successful applicant Pen Herman. "We fully believe that when selling in in a planned community we are selling more than just a home. We are actually selling a community, neighbours, location, amenities, local knowledge, infrastructure and area knowledge as well as convenience". Adds Richard Anderson "Having a comprehensive understanding of the estate criteria is a crucial part of our role as property professionals so we ensure effective communication of estate information to the general public ".

Aristotle said "If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development." Through a regular accreditation process estate agents have to continually upskill and undergo continuous learning development in order be up to date on estate knowledge.  Seeff North Coast ensures that their agents live up to this client expectation.

For further information on Sales or Rentals at Dunkirk Estate contact Pen Herman on 082 415 8075; Richard Anderson on 083 358 5902, or  Candice Elliott on 082 778 4639

Author: Chrissie Johnson

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