Seeff North Coast - Committed to our Community

Going above and beyond the perceived role of the “traditional” estate agent Seeff North Coast has always believed in
investing in the society in which we operate entrenching the fact that we are a company who cares about community.
In this regard Seeff North Coast has participated in various events and fund raising activities for the past 6 years.

CSI (Corporate Social Investment) is an intrinsic part of today’s business environment but at Seeff North Coast our passion is combined with professionalism to ensure the implementation is not just about a ‘feel-good’ event for our employees to support a charity conveniently situated in our area, but rather it is about investing in the local community to enrich lives. Any Ballito local will tell you that what really sets Ballito apart is the unique sense of community that is entrenched in our local area. Simply put, people care. Many individuals go above and beyond their jobs, working behind the scenes and quietly making the world a better place. So do our staff at Seeff North Coast. Our approach sets us apart as our work is more than just a job when it stands for something we care about.

Seeff North Coast therefore continues to support sponsorship of initiatives such as providing new schools shoes for orphans in association with the North Cost Courier Orphan Fund, funding both charity and estate golf days, funding school sport events, and being the major sponsor of the annual Big Hill Run. These events are all specifically chosen as all their proceeds are channelled into specific charity initiatives on the North Coast.
Doing business with Seeff North Coast means our clients are helping to contribute to these much needed CSI initiatives and that people are able to profit through property at every level of society.

Seeff North Coast is proud to be a part of the community and will continue to find ways to give back and make a difference.